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Corporate Team Building

The #1 rated Team Building Activity in Bloomington | Normal, Springfield & Peoria
Team building allows an manager to shape and equip their team with particular qualities that help build a stronger unit in the workplace, in addition to maximizing efficiency, creating a more productive workplace, and making employees feel valued.

Lockbox Showdown

Lockbox Showdowns are a one of a kind group activity for larger groups, IE: corporations, athletic teams, education, etc. that can be held at the location of your choice. In this fun filled, adrenaline packed team building event, participants work in groups of 6-8 to problem solve collectively before the clock runs out.

Participants must put their skills to the test, as they solve a series of puzzle challenges that will eventually lead them to their final goal. Lockbox Showdowns are designed to foster skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in teams.  They provide fun and engaging experiences that participants won’t soon forget.  Does your team have what it takes to “Beat The Box”?


Group Size: 30-10,000+
Program Length: 1.5 hours (includes debrief)
Cost: Varies based on number of participants.

Blended Perspectives

In this 1.5 hour activity, participants are divided into teams and given an individual canvas.  Each team believes that their goal is to produce the best work of art out of their individual piece.   At the end of the activity, the canvasses are combined to create one work of art.   Although it often looks abstract, the amazing combination of perspectives will create a picture that represents the mosaic of ideas found in your workplace.  We’ll discuss these points during the facilitated debrief following the activity.

This fun team building activity promotes cohesion within a group and illustrates the power of teamwork and effective communication.  Participants are always impressed with what their entire group manages to produce through the efforts of each individual team.  Walk away with a unique Blended Perspectives art hanging to proudly display at your office!

Cost includes the art hanging for you to take with you.  Blended Perspectives can be held at our facility or yours.
Group Size: 30-10,000+ Program Length: 1.5 hours (includes debrief) Cost: Varies based on number of participants.

Escape Room Games

Escape Room Games are great for team building entertainment and corporate fun. Everyone shares a common objective, which is to escape the room by working together in the most efficient way possible. It encourages lateral thinking skills and communication between the players; as they will need to look for clues, share information and solve the puzzles together.

Does your group need a meeting space before/after your event?  Let us know.  We have a space available for up to 15. Rental fee is only $15/hour.

Group Size: 2-30 (if your group is larger, please let us know.  We have options!)
Program Length: 1.5 hours (includes optional debrief)
Cost: $28/adults $20/students (includes college students with ID)2

Meeting Minders

Meeting Minders are quick, 15 minute (or longer) games designed to promote team building in the workplace. Designed to challenge your employees through puzzles that require critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and creativity, Meeting Minder games will add an adrenaline packed activity your employees will love while also fostering the essential team building skills they need.

How Do These Activities Work?
Players are given a predetermined time frame to complete the puzzles.  These activities are designed to make participants work together using their skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Participants will receive a packet of information at the start of their game. Using the information provided in their packet, participants must complete their objective before the time runs out. The game also includes step by step instructors for the facilitator, including debrief questions for the end of the game to make sure your staff gets the most out of their team building experience. Recommended one game for each team of 6-8 participants.

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