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Tickets for Escape Room Team Building

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Tickets Open to the General Public

Escape Room tickets are $28/adult and $20/students (includes college students with valid student ID). Make sure to select the number of adult/student tickets from the drop down “Options” menu before clicking book. A minimum of 2 players is required to play.   Students under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.


Riddle Room tickets (The Library) are $30/person.  Make sure to select the number of tickets from the drop down “Options” menu before clicking book. A minimum of 4 players is required to play.   Students under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.


Our booking system closes 30 minutes prior to the start of a session. If you don’t see availability at the time you need, call us at (309) 585-1559. We often have sessions available or can make accommodations, but the most popular times are usually reserved days and even weeks in advance. To view future dates in the calendar, click “Pick Date” or “Following days” above the list of sessions/times on the right side of the screen after clicking BOOK NOW.  

Questions:  See our FAQ.

Freefall - Closing 11/19/2018

Escape Room Backstory:.A disgruntled elevator technician attempts to trap a con artist that stole his money in a rigged poker game in an old freight elevator he has tampered with and gets you instead. Can you find a way out before the emergency brakes fail and the elevator falls furiously to the ground?

Team Building Area of Focus: Collaboration
Creep Factor: 3 out of 5
Group Size: 2-8
Lighting: 35%
Escape Rate: 30.6%

The Inventor's Lab - Closing 11/19/2018

Escape Room Backstory: Escape Room Backstory: Dr. Whatsit was an eccentric and a hermit, but her genius was the real deal. Rumors tell of Whatsit’s Wonderful Wish-Granting Engine, her final creation before her mysterious disappearance. But Whatsit was careful–the Engine was long ago dismantled, scattered around the lab. But maybe, with a little bit of brainpower, you can put it back together again–before the lab’s automated systems kick in and lock you out forever!

Suggested Number of Players: 6-8

Creep Factor: 0

Group Size: 2-10

Lighting: 100%

Escape Rate: 26.3%

The Library of Riddles - Opening Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

Introducing a whole new form of entertainment- Riddle Rooms.  The mysterious Library of Riddles is a place unlike any you’ve ever been. In this library, you don’t read the books–you experience them. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, this heart pounding, adrenaline pumping activity will have you solving mysteries, riddles, and puzzles on your quest to uncover secret artifacts.  Every artifact collected earns your team points as you race to finish before the book closes it’s cover forever. Get your library card today and check into one of the sections below.

The Library of Riddles - Murder Mystery (Opening 11/23/2018)

Murder Mystery: Immerse yourself in this corner of the library.  Tap into your inner detective to solve each puzzle and reach your final goal- to catch a killer!  The pressure is high, and once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Hurry to discover the final artifact in order to solve the case!

Suggested Number of Players: 


Creep Factor: 0

Lighting: 50%

The Library of Riddles - Art History (Opening 11/23/2018)

Art History: While exploring the library, you discover the art history section, where you become a part of an action-packed book that will have you racing against the clock to unlock a priceless heirloom. Will you be able to decode the system, or be stuck in the artist’s world forever?

Suggested Number of Players: 


Creep Factor: 0

Lighting: 100%

The Library of Riddles - Holiday Classics (Opening 11/23/2018)

Holiday Classics: Holiday season has arrived!  Grandma loves to bake, and you come to help her for every holiday occasion- Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and just about everything else!  This baking day is like no other, however. This holiday season, you will be participating in a hunt to retrieve a true holiday classic! Are you up for the challenge, or will this be your last holiday celebration?

Suggested Number of Players: 


Creep Factor: 0

Lighting: 100%


Escape is a real life escape the room game. The participants work together using communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills to solve the mysteries of the room.
You have 60 minutes.  One Team.  One Goal.  One Escape. Real life escape room games are a unique form of entertainment. The perfect, affordable option for group outings, date night, family get togethers, and more! Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, retirement, bachelor/bachelorette parties or any occasion with a group of friends and/or co-workers and create memories for years to come! No one can escape a room alone and because it is a mental challenge, there is no physical activity required.  Therefore, Escape is a great form of team building for corporate entities, youth groups, leadership groups, sports, family, etc.)  Break out of the usual boring Team Building routine – Escape!

When you arrive, a Game Master will greet you and check you in.  Each participant is required to sign a waiver.  Once all participants have arrived, we will provide a brief orientation.   You and your team will then be locked in your room.  You have 60 minutes to complete the activity. Once finished, a celebratory photo will be taken and for team building groups, we will then head to the debriefing room for a short, facilitated debrief with a Team Building Coach.  There are no special skills required, nor brainiacs needed.  You will rely on the strengths of everyone in your group to lead you to success. 

We do require reservations to be made at least 30 minutes in advance.  That being said, we can fill up rather quickly so we suggest you book as far in advance as possible. Due to the nature of our events, we cannot offer refunds. Our games are live and timed, so we cannot offer refunds for any circumstance. You can, however substitute.  Just drop us an email or give us a call so we can update your reservation. 

Unless you book a private experience or purchase all the tickets for the room, you may be joined with others.  Each game has a different number of players. The minimum for all games is 2 players. Keep in mind that the more players you have, the more brainpower you have, thus the more chance you have of escaping.

Our rooms are designed for players 14+. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian.

Games are $28 per person. Student tickets are $20. (Students include anyone under 18 or 18 and older with a valid, current college ID. NOTE: Students under 18 do not need to show an ID, but do need a waiver signed  by a legal parent or guardian)

Our rooms are designed with mental challenges in mind. You will be on your feet and walking around for an hour.

Yes and no. You will be in a room with a locked door, but there is an emergency key located next to each door and at any time you should feel you need to leave the room, you are welcome to.

Yes. Have your friends book the same game and time slot as you. Or, book all of your friends at once.

With the purchase of up to 6 adult tickets (for most rooms), you can make your event private. This means it will only be your party in the room. Additional participants above the 6 are at the standard ticket price.

Drinks and/or food may not be brought into our game establishments. NOTE: People found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be turned away from the game and listed as a no-show.

All ticket sales are final. Once purchased, we cannot give out refunds for cancellations or for being late.

Our rooms are monitored via CCTV by our friendly game master, who will be available to provide hints or clues to assist you should you need them. However, we believe the satisfaction lies in escaping the room with minimal assistance.