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Innovative coaching, professional development, and consulting in the classroom.

Our live escape rooms are perfect for family and friend outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays – you name it! Want to take the party offsite? Try our immersive mobile experiences that can be completed anywhere, anytime!

Effective, memorable, and fun training and development programs for your team.

Youth Programs

Opportunities for teamwork can provide transferable skills related to trust, working together, and problem-solving with others. At SMARTpath, we create an experience that brings your entire group together to celebrate their strengths and improve their weaknesses in a safe and supportive environment.

Escape Rooms

The Inventor's Lab

With a little bit of brainpower, can you put the wishing engine back together before the lab’s automated systems kick in and lock you out forever?


 Can you find a way out before the emergency brakes fail and the elevator falls furiously to the ground?

The Library

In this library, you don’t read the books–you experience them. Travel through multiple book worlds in search of the secret artifacts. 

Creating unique and innovative team building experiences and trainings that engage, ignite, and excite.