Batter's Locker Room

Escape Room Backstory: It’s the day of the big game: the Bloomington Bulldogs (yay!) versus the Lexington Lions (boo!)! It’s a tossup as to who the winners might be, but something’s been off this season about the Lions (boo!). There’s been some suspicious calls and questionable plays recently. Something must be going on here, and as supporters of the Bulldogs (yay!) you can’t just sit idly by and watch them be cheated in a rigged game! You’ve got one hour before the teams arrive and start setting up. If you can find evidence of cheating before then, we can bring those cheaters to justice! Don’t strike out!

Program Details
Team Building Area of Focus Varied Perspectives & Calculated Risks
Location Bloomington, IL
Room Type Escape Room
Group Size 2-10 Participants
Program Length

60 Minutes

Creep Factor 0
Escape Rate 54%
Lighting 100%

The Batter's Locker Room has an optional competition style. If you are signing up with a large group, you can book the Batter's Locker Room and the Fielder's Locker Room at the same session time. Half of your group would go into the Batter's Locker Room and the other half would go into the Fielder's Locker Room. These two rooms are completely identical to give the fairest sense of competition possible. So, not only will the teams be racing against the clock, they will be racing against the other team as well.

The competitive option for this room was designed specifically with large team building groups in mind. You requested and we delivered!


Tickets are $28 per adult or $20/student (includes college students with a valid student ID.) Make sure to select the number of Adult/Student tickets from the drop down “Options” menu before clicking “Book”.

Our booking system closes 30 minutes prior to the start of a session. If you don't see availability at the time you need, call us at (309) 585-1559. We often have sessions available or can make accommodations, but the most popular times are usually reserved days and even weeks in advance. To view future dates in the calendar, click “Pick Date” or “Following days” above the list of sessions/times on the right side of the screen.

A minimum of 2 players is required to play.