The Curse of Jackling Manor

Escape Room Backstory: You and a friend decide to walk down old Spooky Hollow Road, when you begin to approach the Old Jackling Mansion.  On a dare you decide to head inside, despite your better judgement.  What you find inside isn’t quite as terrifying as the fact that the door slams shut behind you.  You run to the door to open it, when you realize you are trapped! Will you be able to find a way out or will you be forced to spend the night inside the Jackling Mansion?
The artistic walls in this room were painted by ISU Theatre Masters student Sam Gibbons.

Program Details
Team Building Area of Focus Collaboration
Location Bloomington, IL
Room Type Escape Room
Group Size 2-8 Participants
Program Length

60 Minutes

Creep Factor 4 (out of 5)
Escape Rate 50%
Lighting 50%

Tickets are $28 per adult or $20/student (includes college students with a valid student ID.) Make sure to select the number of Adult/Student tickets from the drop down “Options” menu before clicking “Book”.

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A minimum of 2 players is required to play.