The Menagerie Mystery

Team Building

Transform teammates into detectives in an outdoor activity that combines treasure hunting, team building, entertainment and mystery solving into one memorable event filled with fun and adventure – at the ZOO!


Miller Park Zoo has had some seriously suspicious activity happening the last few nights and they need your help! Every night after the zoo closes, the watchmen have reported hearing strange sounds. Upon investigation they found several strange documents, clues, and very riled up animals. They someone may be sneaking into the zoo and up to no good. They need your help in cracking this case wide open and protecting this beautiful wildlife from any outside threats.

Using smartphone technology, participants will be guided by information, answer trivia questions, solve puzzles, and record the experience in the form of photos and videos. Participants will encounter challenges requiring them to collaborate and think critically to solve the task at hand.

To rise to the top of the leaderboard teams must effectively use communication, problem solving, strategy and creativity. It is not enough to simply solve the challenges. Teams battle the clock in a race to the finish line in the entertaining and rewarding team building activity.

Program Details

Program Length

1 Hour


Team Building, Adults

Cost $28/adults, $20/students
Creep Factor 0
Group Size 5-100 Participants
Location Miller Park Zoo, Bloomington IL
What is Included

A password-protected smartphone guided activity to be completed at Miller Park Zoo
Fun, action packed adventure!

What You Provide

One fully charged Android phone or iPhone per group
Access to active Apple Store or Google Play accounts to download the application
Device data or Wi-Fi connectivity

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