Pirates of the Dead Sea

Escape Room Backstory: It’s been twelve long years since anyone last saw the wreck of the Wretched Snake, the much-feared and ne’er-outrun pirate galleon of Captain Faris Janeway. It’s said that, hidden somewhere in the sprawling hulk of iron and wood, Janeway’s treasure still remains aboard—her heap of gold doubloons won from the merchant fleets of nigh every nation. His Majesty’s Royal Navy unwittingly patrols the waters near the wreck, sure to throw the lot of any unfortunate treasure-seekers into the press-gangs. Have ye the wits to seize the captain’s plunder, or be ye but a mewling, chicken-hearted landlubber?

The artistic walls in this room were painted by ISU Theatre Masters student Sam Gibbons.

Formally known as “Captain’s Quarters”

Program Details
Team Building Area of Focus Critical Thinking & Resourcefulness
Location Bloomington, IL
Room Type Escape Room
Group Size 2-8 Participants
Program Length

60 Minutes

Creep Factor 0
Escape Rate 44%
Lighting 30%

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A minimum of 2 players is required to play.